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The Qalakubusha Ottoman

The first piece of furniture created was our iconic ‘Qalakubusha’ limited edition sofa, which turned heads wherever it was exhibited, including at the Design Indaba in Cape Town where it was a finalist for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa award.

Only 40 of these sofas were made and they sold out almost immediately. You can now find them in some of the most influential properties in the world, including the Kit Kemp-designed Ham Yard Hotel in London.

The new ‘Zebra Rider’ ottoman, as we like to call it, is the follow up to the ‘Qalakabusha’ sofa.

Says Fée Halsted, founder of Ardmore Ceramics: “Realising that there is a growing love for African design and a need for a new piece, completely different, yet resembling the ‘Qalakubusha’ sofa, we decided to launch the ‘Qalakubusha’ ottoman.

“The ottoman has been produced as a piece that can lend itself to any setting, style and taste, with a modern twist for the discerning, a companion to a sofa or a strong piece on its own.”