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Sabie Forest Napkin in Royal Red
R 600.00

Sabie Forest Napkin in Royal Red

Sabie Forest Napkin in Royal Red.

The Sabie area is a never-ending tapestry of lush foliage concealing camouflaged creatures, where light, sound, movement and colour constantly shift and change. Inspired by this abundance, our napkins will add a luxurious touch to your table setting. 

Our cotton fabric is digitally printed onto a bleached base cloth to create our vibrant and detailed Ardmore prints. Our satin weave cotton has a luxuriously soft feel, and we suggest treating it with care to preserve the vibrant colours.

We advise washing this fabric with laundry detergents suitable for delicate fabrics. We recommend that you use detergents without enzymes, bleaching agents, colour enhancers, brightening agents, or stain removers. Please take care, as this fabric doesn’t like harsh sunlight.

100% Cotton  50X50cm. 

Our Story

Ardmore Design has a collection of table napkins that form part of our luxury table linen offering.

They come in an array of patterns, prints and colourways, ranging from neutral to wild and wonderful tones. Buy them here and don’t be afraid to mix and match!

The napkins are sold in pairs.