Cole & Son Collaboration



Ardmore Ceramic Art has joined forces with British wallpaper house Cole & Son to create a stunning new range of wallpaper rooted in African tradition and culture.

Using Ardmore’s charming and exuberant ceramics, the collection of pictorial wallpaper and borders is both conversational and vibrant.

"Drawing inspiration from Ardmore’s colourful and quirky ceramics, the collection explores Africa’s exotic flora and majestic fauna: from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware.

Colour palettes are drawn from the natural landscape: from the chalky, ochred desert plains and sun-bleached shimmering outcrops to the vibrant fresh greens of water-kissed rainforests and exotic colourings of native flora and fauna. The result, a strikingly sophisticated collection of wallpapers that includes soft and subtle explorations of the majestic landscape as well as colourful creations capturing the vibrancy of traditional African culture." (from Cole & Son's Ardmore Collection)


Have a look at some of the stunning designs below and visit the Cole & Son website to view the full collection. For orders in South Africa, kindly contact Jon Berning here or at