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Please note the following Terms & Conditions of Service (“the terms”) for using this website, (“website”), and which govern the use of Ardmore Design’s products and the components and materials from which they are made (“products”). By using this site and our products, you (“the purchaser” and/or “the user” and/or “the recipient”, whichever applies) agree that you shall follow and be bound by these terms. Ardmore Design reserves the right to alter these terms without express notice.

Please also note our Returns Policy below.

Sales tax and customs duties

Please note that you may be required by the country in which you receive your order to pay sales tax or customs duties on the order. These fees shall be borne by the purchaser or recipient and not by Ardmore Design. Any such fees are specifically excluded from our quoted shipping rates.

Restrictions and Copyright

The sharing of Ardmore Design’s photography is welcomed; referencing Ardmore Design and/or will be much appreciated. You may share or redistribute photographs from this site in their original unedited form only.

Intellectual property
This website and the content herein and on Ardmore Design’s social media accounts and press, including but not limited to products, designs, patterns, text, logos and insignia, and video, are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights held exclusively by Ardmore Design and may not be copied or reproduced under any circumstances in any manner whatsoever. Such rights are protected by South African and international copyright and intellectual property laws.

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Ardmore Design asserts and reserves full ownership, copyright, and intellectual property rights on all the designs and patterns of our products. The designs and patterns of our products may not be copied, re-interpreted or reproduced in any manner whatsoever.

All designs and patterns © Copyright 2020 Ardmore Design. All rights reserved.

Right of cancellation of orders

Ardmore Design fully reserves the right, at its own discretion, to cancel any order or purchase made on this website. In such an event, Ardmore Design shall refund, reimburse, or issue a voucher or coupon on that purchase, in whole or in part, as is appropriate in the circumstances.

Erroneous orders

If an order or purchase from this website is made in error in respect of price and invoicing of product, shipping/delivery, or sales tax, Ardmore Design reserves the right to amend or cancel that order or purchase at its own discretion. In such an event, Ardmore Design will take steps reasonable in the circumstances to rectify the error promptly.


Ardmore Design reserves the right to alter and differentiate prices without prior notice. Prices may differ between countries or territories due to exchange rates and production and shipping costs.


By using this site and by using Ardmore Design’s products, you agree to fully indemnify Ardmore Design and its agents and associates against any claim or demand, as well as any losses, expenses, damages or costs, resulting from the use of this site or Ardmore Design’s products or from any violation of these terms, howsoever caused.


Exclusion of liability

By using this site and by using Ardmore Design’s products, you agree that neither Ardmore Design nor its agents shall be liable to you or any other person for any form of damages or costs whatsoever arising from the use of this site or from the use Ardmore Design’s products, or from any inability to use this site or Ardmore Design’s products, or from any misuse of this site or Ardmore Design’s products. Ardmore Design makes no guarantees nor warranties for the performance or safety of its products outside of their intended purpose.



Returns policy

We take pride in our products and trust that you will be delighted with your purchase(s). If you are not completely satisfied, please consider the options below.

Please note that this policy forms part of the Ardmore Design Terms & Conditions of Service, and words defined in those terms have the same meaning in this policy unless the context indicates otherwise.


  1. Unwanted products & exchanges

Products may be exchanged or returned to us by returning the product to our address below, provided that all the following conditions are met:

  1. The product is undamaged and unused, with the original labelling still attached;
  2. The product is in its original, undamaged packaging;
  3. The product is not missing any accessories or parts;
  4. The product is not listed in Section 3 (below) as ineligible for return; and
  5. The product is returned to Ardmore Design within 30 days of purchase (or within 7 days of purchase for products bought on sale).

Unless the purchaser wishes to return or exchange the product because it is not what was expected in respect of what could be reasonably inferred from its appearance and description on our website, the cost of returning the product to Ardmore Design shall be borne by the purchaser.

After 30 days (or 7 days for products purchased on sale), a product may only be returned or exchanged if it is defective in materials or workmanship within 6 months of receipt of the product, and where that defect was not brought about through damage caused to the product by use or misuse. In the case of defects, please see Section 5 below.

After inspection and if the product is accepted for return, we will issue a voucher to the value of the product’s purchase price, or a refund if preferred. We reserve the right to refuse a return if the product sent to us is in a damaged or in unsaleable condition or missing any parts or accessories.


  1. Incorrect orders

If the incorrect product is delivered, or if the product received does not reasonably match the description given from its presentation and description on our website, please notify us immediately , in order for us to arrange for the return of the incorrect product at no charge to the purchaser. After inspecting the product and validating the return, we will re-deliver the correct product as soon as is reasonably possible and if the correct product is available, or issue a credit to the purchase price of the product, or a refund if preferred.

Please note that incorrect products which have been used or damage may be refused for return or exchange, and that the 5 conditions for return as set out in Section 1 above shall also apply in the case of incorrect orders.


  1. Products not eligible for return or exchange

The following products shall not be eligible for a refund, exchange, or credit:

  • Cut fabric sold by the metre (unless the product contains a material defect as described in Section 5);
  • Products marked "Final Sale";
  • Damaged or used products; and
  • Vouchers and coupons.


  1. Products damaged on delivery

Should a product be damaged at the time of delivery or collection, please notify us immediately via our website's We will arrange for the damaged product to be returned at no charge, and after we have inspected the product, we will arrange to replace the product as soon as possible, or issue a credit to the value of the purchase price if no replacement is possible, or issue a refund if preferred.


  1. Defective products

A product is deemed defective if a material imperfection or flaw exists in the product’s materials and components or in its manufacture, which makes the product less acceptable than the purchaser might be reasonably entitled to expect.

The following will not be regarded as defects and will not entitle the purchaser to a return under Section 5:

  • Faults resulting from normal wear and tear;
  • Damage arising from negligence, abuse by the user, or incorrect usage or misuse of the product;
  • Damage arising from electrical power surges or sea or air corrosion;
  • Damage arising from overexposure to sunlight;
  • Damage arising from failure to adequately care for the product;
  • Damage arising from alterations made to the product;
  • Damage resulting from Acts of God including but not limited to fire, storm or earthquake;
  • Damage resulting from criminal actions on the part of any person including but not limited to theft, vandalism or arson; and/or
  • Where the specifications of the product, despite being accurately described on the website, or the intended use of the product, do not suit the purchaser’s own expectations or intended use.


  1. Charges

If a product is returned to us, for whatever reason as contemplated in the above Sections, but not all products or accessories or parts of the purchase are returned, Ardmore Design reserves the right to refuse the return, or only to replace the item returned, or to estimate the value of the missing products or parts or accessories thereof and issue a credit or refund in respect only of the returned item(s). Additionally, if a product is returned to us which does not comply with the above Sections of these terms, Ardmore Design shall not bear the costs of having the product in question collected from or returned to the purchaser.


  1. Disclaimer

To the full extent permissible by the laws of South Africa, Ardmore Design, its directors, employees, agents, contractors and suppliers, shall not be liable for any loss or injury incurred by any person, howsoever caused, as a direct or indirect result of the use of this website, of purchasing, using or misusing any of the products offered for sale on this website, or as a direct or indirect result of entering into any arrangement as a result of reliance upon any information or representation made in the contents of this website, or in any other digital or physical media produced, published, sponsored or endorsed by Ardmore Design.

In the event of any dispute arising that cannot be resolved by application of the provision of these terms, any legal action taken against Ardmore Design, its directors, employees, agents, contractors or suppliers, may only be initiated and pursued in a court of law in the Republic of South Africa, and under the laws of the Republic of South Africa.

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