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Rat Jug-ceramics-Ardmore Design
Rat Jug-ceramics-Ardmore Design
Rat Jug-ceramics-Ardmore Design
R 4,300.00

Rat Jug

Art is often used to express our views on the world surrounding us, and it is difficult to find a year that has provided more inspiration than 2020. With shocking news and surprising twists and turns, the Ardmore artists have taken inspiration from the characters and events that have shaped our world and let their imagination run wild to create the Mad Hatters characters. 

The rat jug is a whimsical artwork that is truly one of a kind. Artists Betty and Gladys have brought to life one of the most humble creatures, adding character through their incredibly skillful sculpture and paint work. The contrasting floral design on each side of the rat is a symbolic display of the yin and yang and the forces that have seemed to leave the world in disarray over the past year. This artwork is an embodiment of the mad hatter displays which we have seen over the past year. 

Made By Betty Ntshingila and painted by: Gladys Msele

Dimensions: H 16cm; L 15cm; W 9cm