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Giraffe and Monkey Jug
R 7,700.00

Giraffe and Monkey Jug

Sabelo Khoza has used the elegant shape of the lofty giraffe to great effect in this jug. The handle has been created using two giraffes stretching their necks down towards the body of the jug, giving an unusual form to the handle.  Expertly crafted foliage and giraffe adorn the body of the jug and an expressive monkey rides high on the handle.  Punch Shabalala's excellence as a painter is evident in her recreation of the giraffes' distinctive patchwork pattern, and her colour palette pays homage to the winter colours of the African savannah.

Made by Sabelo Khoza and painted by Punch Shabalala

Dimensions H: 23 W: 25 L: 15