Introducing the Ardmore x Fairlawns - Satara Suite

Introducing the Ardmore x Fairlawns - Satara Suite

Renowned artist Sidney Nyabeze, celebrated for his remarkable Ardmore fabric and scarf designs, including the iconic Ardmore x Hermés collaborations, recently teamed up with Wiseman Mpofu, one of Ardmore’s most gifted painters, to create an Ardmore wall mural for the “Ardmore Suite” at Fairlawns Boutique Hotel in Johannesburg.

Michael Kewley, Director of Fairlawns, has long found joy in Ardmore's aesthetic. It was his idea to commission the 8-metre long mural.


With the suite offering views of Fairlawns' scenic gardens, Fée Halsted, Ardmore Founder, envisioned the mural transporting dreamers into Africa’s natural world. The design sees guests sleeping under a protea canopy, with leopards resting on the branches – a scene wholly African.


This collaboration between Sidney, Wiseman, Michael and Fée transforms the suite, inviting guests to embark on a visual journey through the enchanting realms of Ardmore, Africa and beyond.

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