How we Pack and Ship

Every Ardmore creation is made with love, and we apply the same approach to preparing our pieces for shipping to you.

We’re honoured to have an enthusiastic and discerning community of Ardmore collectors around the world, and we want each piece to reach you in perfect condition.

While the ideas expressed in our artworks will endure and echo for a lifetime, our ceramic pieces have a certain endearing fragility about them.

For this reason, we go to great lengths to pack each item carefully before shipping, and we use all our years of packaging experience to ensure that your purchase reaches you in the same condition that it leaves the Ardmore Studio. This includes wrapping delicate parts and accessories individually using tissue paper and bubble wrap.

We are conscious of the need to minimise our environmental footprint, and we would therefore ask you to consider recycling, reusing or repurposing the packing materials used to protect your Ardmore purchase.

While we appreciate the sense of anticipation in waiting for your Ardmore purchase to be delivered, and the very understandable excitement that builds as you open the box, we have found that accidental damage can occur during this unboxing process. Please take a moment to slow down and savour the experience of becoming the owner of a unique Ardmore creation.

Whether it’s your first Ardmore piece, or the latest addition to your collection, we’re sure that the thrill of receiving a delivery from us will never diminish.