A Warm Farewell to our Handbag Collection-Ardmore Design

A Warm Farewell to our Handbag Collection

Chic, elegant and beautifully crafted, our handbags are a must-have accessory. Made near Johannesburg in South Africa, with incredibly high standards of workmanship, our handbags are proving to be true lifelong companions. We developed them with our Qalakabusha range, featuring spirited depictions of our effervescent local fauna and flora, and patterns inspired by nature. With full-grain leather handles and detailing, the bags are ready for lifelong journeys. 

Amanda Custo got hold of a Leopard Lights Kingfisher handbag, and put together a most stylish photoshoot for us. 

But... we should mention that we're certainly sad to say farewell to this classic, as we've decided to discontinue the line. We know that these pieces will always be classics in our hearts. So, we hope you get your hands on one while stocks last! 




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