Ardmore artists embody the spirit of ubuntu at Singita

Fée and the Ardmore team have partnered with Singita to create a collection of unique pieces inspired by Africa’s pristine wilderness areas. Wiseman Mpofu and Victor Mtshali were the first Ardmore artists to travel to the Sabi Sand to engage first-hand with Nature. The exquisite ceramic pieces that resulted from their residency go on auction later this year, with all proceeds going to the non-profit Singita Lowveld Trust to protect and preserve the wilderness for future generations. The opportunity to see wildlife up close has given a life-like quality to their work, and will ensure that these special pieces raise awareness about conservation challenges, as well as highlighting Africa’s immense artistic talent. Singita guests will have the chance to witness the harmonious collaboration between sculptor and painter – a rapport not unlike the relationships found in nature, and one which illustrates the true spirit of ubuntu: we are because of others.

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