He found about Ardmore through his friend Abel who is a graphic designer at Ardmore. And as a kid he used to sell pictures that he had hand drawn and coloured with crayons. One day he decided to go to Ardmore to sell his drawings and when he got there he saw the artists doing beautiful artworks using a clay and he was immediately interested. Founder Fée saw this young man and asked him to join winter school. “I was happy to learn more skills from Ardmore’ says Nkwenkwe.

Nkwenkwe is inspired most by Victor Mtshali (sculptor) he is learning a lot from him and is an amazing mentor to him.

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's Story

Nkwenkwe Mokoena was born on 17 December 2001, he grew up Lidgetton
And attended Jabula Combined school and matriculated in 2020 (during Covid 19 pandemic). Nkwenkwe enjoyed doing art from a young age, he grew up building cars using wire and making animals from local clay that he and his friends gathered from a local river.