Celebrating Ardmore Fathers

Celebrating Ardmore Fathers

Ardmore is a family-centered business that has over the years thrived on family values, so it is with no surprise that we take the opportunity to celebrate the third-generation fathers, Senzo Ntshalintshali and Jonathan Berning, who are the sons of the two women who solely started Ardmore from the ground up.

Senzo Ntshalintshali is a father to three children, two beautiful little girls Asemahle, Aphelele, and a two-year-old baby boy Mlondeni.

Senzo describes his kids as his pride and joy as well as his everyday motivation. He is saddened that his mother Bonnie Ntshalintshali did not live long enough to meet her grandchildren, but he is confident she is watching over them. Senzo is eternally grateful for the artistic talent he inherited from his mother, as it is his passion through which he earns a living to provide for his family.

Jonathan Berning is a new father to Benjamin who was born early this year on the 9th of April 2022. The Ardmore family welcomed Benjamin with a Zulu tradition called “ukuKhunga” where you walk up to the little one, place money over his head, and speak kind words over his life.

Jon’s close family and friends as well as the Ardmore team are beyond excited for the new family member and wish the family a fruitful prosperous future.

We couldn’t be prouder of our Ardmore Fathers and wish them a very Happy Father’s Day.

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