Introducing The Thanda Stripe Cushion Range

Introducing The Thanda Stripe Cushion Range

Ardmore Introduces their latest creation: Thanda Stripe Cushions


Renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and artistic prowess, Ardmore is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest collection, the Ardmore Zebra Scatter Cushions, set to captivate homes on February 8, 2024.


Embrace the untamed beauty of the African wilderness with these exquisite scatter cushions, each a canvas of enchanting storytelling. The collection features two majestic Zebras engaged in a timeless conversation amidst a backdrop of vibrant African flora.


Available in five colorways – Flame, Night, Savannah, Tanzanite, and Delta – the Ardmore Zebra Scatter Cushions promise to infuse any space with a touch of elegance and nature-inspired allure.


Ardmore understands that comfort is paramount, which is why the Zebra Scatter Cushions come in three luxurious fabrications – silk, velvet, and cotton. Each material is carefully chosen to enhance the visual and tactile experience, ensuring not only a stunning aesthetic addition to your space but also a sumptuous and comfortable retreat.


This collection is more than just home decor; it's a celebration of the untamed spirit of Africa, a merging of wildlife and artistry that Ardmore has perfected over the years.

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