Ardmore Journey Exhibition

Ardmore Journey Exhibition

In celebration of life, growth, development and reinvention, Ardmore, in association with Christoff, will once again be bringing an exhibition to the public, at the beautiful Mount Nelson, a Belmond Hotel, in Cape Town, from the 14th – 19th March 2022, 9am to 6pm.


In many ways, it is a time of uncertainty both within our country and in the world. It is also a time of huge resilience, as the global community continues to build back from natural disasters and the pandemic. Within these trials, we have also witnessed deep compassion and community as people continue to step up, and show up for each other when it matters most. This resilience is a journey, an invitation to constantly reinvent ourselves for the better, and it should be celebrated. In this case, we choose to celebrate through the gathering of people, the sharing of art, and most importantly, exhibiting the journey of Ardmore, which much like our personal lives, has been full of trials, tribulations and beautiful human evolution.


Ardmore’s journey is intertwined with a myriad of partnerships, friendships and muses. Christopher Greig is all three to Ardmore. We have worked together since 1991 and without fail, he brings excellence to all that he does. Both Ardmore and Christoff embody luxury, uniqueness and evolution. Not to mention the resilience needed to continue our art odyssey.


We invite you to step into this pilgrimage by joining us in the Planet room from the 14th – 15th March, and thereafter the Orchid room from the 16th – 19th March. With a colour scheme of golds, black, creams and whites, expect to see Africa’s stunning fauna and flora emblazoned upon ceramics, endangered and emblematic animals sculptured into exhibition pieces, and as a tribute to love, the new Thanda fabric collection. Also, you can look out for the Bonnie Collection, which is a celebration of Bonnie Ntshalintshali’s life, and a symbolic reference to honouring past artists and the threads they wove into the tapestry of Ardmore’s 38th-year journey thus far. A journey of inspiration, bravery, fragility and strength – much like the human experience right now.

Journey with us into Ardmore – its history, its present and its hope for the future. A celebration of evolution. A celebration of Africa. A celebration of our innate ability to invent and reinvent ourselves, even in the face of adversity. 

As a building steeped in history and with a story of its own, what better place to welcome you into our celebration of life’s journey than the Mount Nelson Hotel.

We look forward to connecting with you there.

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