Ardmore's Own Wonderwoman-Ardmore Design

Ardmore's Own Wonderwoman

In celebration of Woman's month we would like to introduce our very own Wonder woman, Nombulelo Happiness Sibisi. Happiness has been with Ardmore for 13 years and has become an integral part of the Ardmore team. Her love for each piece as well as the artists always shines through in her work ethic.

In 2010, Happiness travelled to Miami in the U.S as well as to Russia, which experiences she says she will treasure forever.

We asked Happiness to give other single mothers, like herself, some motivation: “The advice I can give to women, especially women from my society (with a poor background like myself) is to never look down on yourself, always pursue your dreams, never be scared to start a new challenge no matter how hard it looks. We as women may look soft on the outside but we have the strongest inner-strength. Let’s use this gift to full-fill our dreams and carry on doing the best for our homes and our families. I say the sky is the limit, there is nothing to stop us, lets us not allow even poverty to stop us from doing what we love and what we believe in.”
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