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Our Mothers and Mentors of Ardmore

As we celebrate Mothers’ day, we have been called to appreciate and celebrate all the women and a mothers that emphasise our motto “we are because of others”.

Happiness Sibisi

Happiness’ started working for Ardmore since 2005. Her story is one of hope and overcoming great challengers to become well-respected lady amongst the Ardmore community and inspiration to us all.

Jabu Nene

Jabu has been working at Ardmore from the age 15. She has raised three children and supported them all through their education, providing her kids with more opportunities then what she was afforded when she was young. Her daughter and family have gone on to join Ardmore and have created highly sought-after creations.

Betty Ntshingila

In 2002, Betty was introduced to Ardmore by sculptor, Nhlanhla Nsundwane, as a way to support her family of six children. Betty’s skills ,as one of the few female sculptors, are unique at Ardmore. Her caring, maternal and nurturing instincts are reflected in her choice of subject matter, that being of birds and bees all busy with life’s chores including building nests, laying eggs and feeding their offspring.


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