See Ardmore at Charles Greig's O'Kavango Exhibition-Ardmore Design

See Ardmore at Charles Greig's O'Kavango Exhibition

The Okavango provides the inspiration behind Christopher Greig’s upcoming exhibition at Charles Greig Jewellers in Johannesburg this August. Alongside the array of gems, Ardmore Design will be showcasing textiles and scatter cushions. Look out for our River Chase design, which features crocodiles and strelitzias - a celebration of life on the water.

Ardmore Ceramic Art have created a host of one-of-a-kind artworks, too. Get set to see hippo riders transporting men in makoros across the Delta as they fish. Birdlife is represented by Pelican, saddle-billed storks, Great White Herons and flamingos. Wild date palm fronds, papyrus and water lillies provide the colour and decorative foil to our animal friends. The energy and lushness of this special area is found in every piece. If you listen carefully, you can hear the cacophony from here… 

The exhibition runs from 16th August - 4th September at Charles Greig, Hyde Park Shopping Centre, Hyde Park, Johannesburg.

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