Alec Reddy was born on 3 August 2000, and attended Eastwood High School. Since he can remember, Alec has been drawing and colouring, and while he enjoyed both soccer and art growing up, art brings Alec a sense of personal growth each time he engages with it.
Alec was introduced to Ardmore by his brother, Allen, who works as a ceramic painter in the studio. Having also joined the studio as a ceramic painter, Alec continues to look up to his brother, whose painting style inspires him. The two artists share a similar style, and are continually learning from each other.
Alec describes his work as stylisation, mixed with colour, which he believes is an excellent reflection of his personality. Alec is grateful that he is able to do what he loves every day working with Ardmore, and has a sense of pride that he can feel his presence emanating from each piece that he paints.

Artwork made by Alec