Protea Plains Comes to London

Protea Plains Comes to London

Proteas are a unique family of flowering plants, found almost exclusively in South Africa.
Their resilience to drought and wildfires and distinctive floral forms have inspired the Ardmore Artists.

It began with a bowl…

Just like the history of Ardmore itself, the story of our Protea Plains Exhibition began with a ceramic creation. Featuring signature Ardmore leopards and zebras amidst protea blooms, this bowl prompted the design of our new Protea Plains Scarf.

What followed was an outpouring of artistic expression as the Ardmore Artists were moved to create an entire ecosystem of Protea Plains ceramic masterworks.

Kindred spirits

Enter the world of Protea Plains as you explore the latest Ardmore Exhibition, hosted by cousins Patrick Mavros and Fée Halsted and featuring a presentation by Fée at 11am on Friday, 24 May.

Ardmore Protea Plains Exhibition
Tuesday, 21 May – Friday, 31 May 2024
10am – 7pm daily (12pm – 5pm on Monday, 27 May)

Closed: Sunday, 26 May

Patrick Mavros London
104 - 106 Fulham Rd
South Kensington
London SW3 6HS

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