Bongekile Ntombela

Bongekile Ntombela was born on the 29th of November 1988, at Balgowan Farm in KwaZulu-Natal.

She attended Jabula Combined School in Lidgetton, finishing in 2007.

Bongi went on to the Durban University of Technology to do civil engineering in 2011, but left in June 2012.

While at Jabula High School, she enjoyed art classes with Gabi Nkosi from Caversham Press, and Wiseman Ndlovu from Ardmore. Through Gabi, she won an art award from Michaelhouse for painting.

Bongi joined Ardmore’s Winter School programme in June 2015.

She enjoys both painting and sculpting, but prefers painting because she like colour. She says: “I like painting genet cats, leopards and giraffes because of their unique patterns.”

Bongi says Ardmore has helped her in many ways, adding: “I am now building a house for myself, and I would like to get my driving license this year.”

Her dream is to carry on doing art, as it has helped her to become independent.

Bongi says: “I look up to Wiseman Ndlovu as he uses paint like its easy.”

Artwork made by Bongekile

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