Goodness Mpinga

Goodness Mpinga was born in 1976 in Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal. She lived on a farm neighbouring Ardmore during her school years.

Goodness was introduced to Ardmore by her friend Phumelele Nene 1992. Phumelele encouraged her to paint and follow her to Ardmore.

The charming painting style of Goodness is distinctive, similar in many respects to naïveté of American folk art.

Her pieces are densely patterned with pinks and greens, overlaid with an intense black line. Her creatures and plants are highly stylised and remind us of a fantasy world from another planet.

It speaks volumes that since Goodness
joined the Ardmore team, the ceramics she has painted have been included in all major exhibitions of Ardmore in South Africa, and internationally.

Artwork made by Goodness

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