Senzo Ntshalintshali

Senzo Ntshalintshali was born in 1990, the only son of Bonnie Ntshalintshali.

After the sad loss of his mother, his grandmother, Janet Ntshalintshali looked after him. As a child, he and his friends modelled small cows of clay.

After completing his education Senzo joined Ardmore. Senzo says he came to Ardmore to continue the legacy of his mother.

He has been fortunate to be mentored by his uncles Somandla and Christopher Ntshalintshali as well as by Bennet Zondo, who together have perfected the human figure which is epitomized by their Rider series.

His work has been featured in Ardmore exhibitions in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Miami, and London.

In the 2020 online Covid Exhibition, Senzo chose to depict nurses and doctors treating people afflicted with the covid virus.

Artwork made by Senzo

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