Sthabiso Hadebe

Sthabiso was born in 1986 at Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal. After finishing school, he found work as a gardener.

His neighbours in the area, Ardmore sculptors, Petros Gumbi and Sabelo Khoza, introduced him to Ardmore Ceramic Art.

He started working in the Ardmore sculpture studio in 2008, but, after being mentored by Ardmore’s leading artists, Punch Shabalala and Siya Mabaso, Sthabiso decided that he would prefer to paint.

He has developed a distinctive style, using subtle colours and his own signature wild dog patterning.

His talent and innovative and sophisticated colour experimentation earned him his first major break: he was entrusted with painting Petros Gumbi’s sculptural tableau for the Grimaldi wedding in 2011.

This young artist with a brilliant smile is a rising star and someone who Ardmore founder Fée Halsted says “has brought something of his own to Ardmore and is someone to watch for the future”.

He dreams of being a fashion designer one day, translating his originality, gift for patterns and soft tonality into clothing. After his parents have passed away, Stabiso, who is responsible and generous, looks after his siblings.

Artwork made by Sthabiso

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