Thulani Mntungwa

Thulani was born on the 4th of April, 1987 at kwaHaza. He attended Asithuthuke School in Balgowan and finished in 2006.

He also attended Ubumba for Life where he did both practical and theory classes in clay in 2013 and 2014.

He lives with his relatives as both his parents have passed away.

Unable to find work, Thulani, encouraged by his brother, Qiniso, joined Ardmore Ceramics in 2014. Fée was enthralled by his natural sculpting talent.

For the ‘Parrots and Pomegranates’ exhibition at Charles Greig, Hyde Park, Johannesburg, Thulani made his debut with fun, green parrot sculptures inspired by Chinese green-glazed pottery parrots.

He has since created charming Meerkat figures for the ‘Kalahari Cats’ exhibition and really excels at making candlesticks and unique vases.

Thulani is looking forward to his future at Ardmore, being inspired by his fellow artists and coming up with his own creative ideas.

Artwork made by Thulani

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