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Fée's Birthday

On behalf of all the Ardmore family, we’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the lady who has inspired and led us all on our incredible journey.

This Sunday, October 4th, we’ll be celebrating with Fée as she turns another year younger and completes her latest journey around the sun.

2020 has been a strange year in many ways, but Fée has – as always – been a constant in our lives. Guiding, nurturing and above all, loving us – and giving us the strength and courage to persevere through even the toughest times.

Despite the turmoil all around us, this has been a remarkably productive period for the Ardmore Studio. Under Fée’s guidance, the Ardmore Artists have produced ceramic pieces that speak powerfully of the resilience of the human spirit when faced with catastrophes ranging from bush fires in Australia to the global pandemic.

In the same way that pangolins have come to symbolise our coming together in search of safety, Fée remains a vital figurehead for Ardmore.

That’s why we chose this birthday image of Fée – it shows her on the banks of the Lions River (which flows through Ardmore, and is named for the last lion seen in the immediate area, back in 1856). This wonderful picture illustrates so much of what makes Fée incredible.

With her feet on the rocks of the river, she’s in contact with the natural surroundings that inspire her creations. The water flowing by symbolises her remarkable energy, and standing next to her is her faithful companion, Bella.

While much of what we create at Ardmore features wild animal designs, we’re passionate about the welfare of every creature. You’ll always see our dogs at Ardmore – they accompany us on our bush walks and can be found lying in the shade or curled up by the fire, depending on the season.

It’s no coincidence that October 4th is also World Animal Day – a day dedicated to the welfare of all animals, and a cause that’s very close to our hearts.

Also shown in the picture is one of our latest creations, an elephant tureen with trunks uplifted in greeting (or celebration) against a verdant background – just like Fée herself, this is a piece that is entirely at home in Nature, and gives back as much to its surroundings as it draws from them.

Happy Birthday, Fée!

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