Masterworks: The Leopard and Aloe Urns-Ardmore Design

Masterworks: The Leopard and Aloe Urns

Qiniso Mungwe has created a celebration if the African bush in these striking leopard and aloe urns. A carousel of leopards dance around the urns, their tails elevated , creating a playful rhythm which compliments the bold form of the Aloes. Each Aloe is sculpted with delicate petals that are uniquely shaped and showcase Qiniso’s wonderful skill. 
Mthulisi Ncube has added the curving leaves of the aloe that fill the weighty shape of the urn, and his choice of slate greys for the leopards coat creates a wonderful contrast with the pastel colours of the aloe. The patterning around the urn draws inspiration from the rich soil that bakes under the African sun, and the patterning is reminiscent of Art Deco period architecture, which adds to the triumphant feel of this artwork. 
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