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Tanzanite Launch

Posted by Shannon Fogden on

Our Tanzanite colourway has resonated with Ardmore collectors around the world, inspiring our designers to find new ways to share the joy that it brings.

We now present the latest variation on this theme: cool, crisp linen fabric in our fresh ‘Monkey Bean’ design, featuring sensuous blooms and exotic creatures.

 The Tanzanite palette calls to mind sea blues,  aquamarines, sun-kissed yellows and foamy whites. Colours that remind us of distant shores, warm sunny days and big African skies.

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, our thoughts are turning once again to the coast: picnics, salty skin and wheeling seagulls.

After enduring the closure of our country’s beaches during lockdown, the waves are calling to us more beguilingly than ever. It’s time to go down to the sea again, and to celebrate freedom and unforgettable family moments.



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