Alex Sibanda

Alex Sibanda was born in Zimbabwe in 1963. He joined the Mzilikazi Arts and Crafts Centre in 1963, where he was involved in drawing, sculpture and mural painting.

Artwork made by Alex

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Alex's Story

Alex moved to South Africa in 2004 to escape the strife in Zimbawe. his fellow countryman, Lovemore Sithole, invited Alex to visit Ardmore and he joined the team of sculptors in 2010 when South Africa hosted the Soccer World Cup.

Alex created the African Traveller series of African animals ridden by figures holding an umbrella. These riders evolved into Hippo, Elephant and Rhino riders inspired by the wood carvings sold to tourists in Zimbabwe near Beit Bridge when crossing the Limpopo River.

Alex's first Hippo Riders, decorated by Jabu Nene, were purchased by the Museum of Cultures in Basel, Switzerland.

In 2012 Alex's Rider series expanded into large scale sculptures and were used to raise awareness and funds for endangered species.

Alex also went to represent South Africa at the Moscow Trade Show in 2013.