Elvis Bonginkosi Mkhize

‘Bonginkosi’ means worship the Lord. Elvis was born in Hammarsdale outside of Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal in 1983. He now lives with his family at Mpophomeni, outside Howick.

He joined Ardmore in February 2011, and showed great promise as a painter.

He says: “I like to paint in a realistic style as I am inspired by nature – South Africa’s beautiful animals, flowers and plants.”

Says Fée Halsted: “Elvis is a very quiet and sensitive man who under the tutelage of Wiseman and Siyabonga has excelled as a painter at Ardmore.”

Elvis is one of Ardmore’s top painters, and his stella works always hold place of honor on Ardmore’s major exhibitions across the globe.

Artwork made by Elvis

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